Matt’s 40/40/$40K
Race to Raise Funds for Friends of Aine

In 2020, our friend and Board Member Joe Bator celebrated the big 50 in a big way, running 50K in 2020 to raise $50,000 for Friends of Aine!

This year, one of our friends and neighbors, Matt Ryzewski, has decided to run a distance of 40k to raise $40,000 for Friends of Aine! The event will take place on Saturday, April 17, 2021, on the Millennium Running Anytime 5K course, which starts at Millennium Running‘s retail store and headquarters located at 138 Route 101 in Bedford, NH. The 5K course consists of two loops in the center of Bedford, and Matt will be running 16 of those. For more information about the course, please click here.

More details and Matt’s impassioned plea may be found here. You may donate by completing the form below. All of the proceeds from Matt’s run will be donated right back to Friends of Aine, so that we can continue to provide our essential services and grow to help even more kids and families!

Donate Here!

$2,000.00 Anonymous
$1,000.00 William and Janice Ryzewski
$1,000.00 William Ryzewski
$500.00 Joyia Fazelat
$500.00 Elliot Hospital
$500.00 Katie and John Alden
$500.00 Katie and John Alden
$400.00 Karen and Andrew Gillis
$400.00 Joe Bator
$300.40 Jeff, Kat, & Luca Illustrato
$250.00 Mark & Dawn Silva
$250.00 Peter & Meredith Santerre
$250.00 Paul and Janine Brueggemann
$250.00 Michael J O’Shea
$250.00 Vito J. Illustrato
$250.00 Donny and Brandie Parker
$250.00 AnnMarie Smith
$200.00 Dan and Suzanne Kirby
$200.00 Hannah and Corey Parker
$200.00 Liz and Keith Sherman
$200.00 Tom and Roseanne Swider
$200.00 Liz and Keith Sherman
$200.00 David Phillips
$200.00 Adrian Thomas
$101.00 Meghna Misra
$100.00 Hilton Family
$100.00 Theresa and Dan Swider
$100.00 Aileen and Edward Swider
$100.00 Kathryn O’Connell
$100.00 Diane Windas
$100.00 Heather and Steve Smith
$100.00 Angelo Sabatalo
$100.00 Bill & Marie Pimley
$100.00 Derek DeAngelis
$100.00 Mary Burdett
$100.00 Kathleen Gallagher
$100.00 Julianne Cardone
$100.00 Raymond Lefrancois
$100.00 Joseph Kosuda
$100.00 JoAnn and Mike Canny
$100.00 Michelle Brown
$100.00 Mark & Brittany Illustrato
$50.00 Gina O’Shea
$50.00 Rick Briamonte
$50.00 Debra Goulet
$50.00 Priscilla and Greg Sauers
$50.00 Danielle Scarolla
$50.00 The Cannys of Hauppauge
$50.00 MC
$50.00 Martha St. Pierre
$50.00 Lorraine Bauman
$50.00 Chris & Deb Swider
$50.00 Andrea LaRose
$50.00 Tehila Bartlett
$50.00 Mo Redmond
$50.00 Allyson Theodore
$50.00 Gina O’Shea
$50.00 Rick Briamonte
$50.00 Lisa De Marco
$50.00 Steve & Jane Karantzoulidis
$50.00 Jean Sabatalo
$50.00 Marianne Mueller
$50.00 Kristen Kraunelis
$40.00 Kathleen Siddall
$25.00 Lauren and Greg Grymek
$25.00 Devon O’Hara
$25.00 Jennifer and Kevin McCarthy
$25.00 Rachel Turner
$20.00 Anonymous

So far we have raised $13,261 towards our $40,000 target! That’s 33% of the total!

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$40,000Raised $13,261 towards the $40,000 target.$13,261Raised $13,261 towards the $40,000 target.33%