Friends of Aine is a 501c3 non-profit organization established to provide bereavement support services to grieving children and families.

Borne out of the tragic loss of Aine Marie Phillips (pronounced Ahn-ya) at age 8, and the recognition that bereavement services for Aine’s surviving 5-year-old sister, Bella, were sadly scarce, parents David and Christine set out to fill this void. Friends of Aine was developed to create an enduring legacy for Aine that embodies her spirit and character by helping children and their families who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

“One of the greatest crises a child can experience is the death of a parent or a sibling. When a parent or sibling dies never again will the world be a secure place as before…”

– David & Christine Phillips, Co-founders, Friends of Aine

For those that have experienced a significant loss, Friends of Aine offers the Our Program, bereavement support tailored to children, teens and adults. Grief services are provided by trained professionals who understand the trauma and immense suffering they are going through.

Learn about our mission to provide bereavement services to all children and families that have suffered a loss, and our vision to expand these services to meet the growing need for support.

Friends of Aine is a volunteer organization run by a board of directors. Learn more about the members working with us to help grieving children and families.