Imagine your Dad died and how difficult that might be; the sadness, the loneliness, the worry, the fear. As adults, it’s not a path we necessarily know how to navigate. Now imagine being a child and your Dad died. Life is upside down, scary and uncertain. That’s who we support at Friends of Aine; the children whose special person has died. We provide a warm, safe and trusting environment with other grieving kids so that no one has to grieve alone.

Add to the mix a global pandemic – your upside down world has turned upside down again. And this time you can’t be in your safe space with your peer group who understands you and let’s you be you. It is extra lonely now and extra scary.

Last week, one of our Littles (age 6) reached a real breaking point; there were signs of regression, deep sadness, tears and very real fear. Her name is Rose. Rose is 6 and her Dad died. It’s just Rose and her Mom now.

Mom reached out to us and said how much her daughter was missing her Good Grief group and wished they could be together with each other and hang out and do their grief “stuff”. And she had very legitimate concerns for her daughter’s well-being. What could we do to help?

As part of the Good Grief program, Friends of Aine works with each child to create a ‘Tool Box’. In each tool box, are cut out tools to remind them of what coping “tool’ they can use when certain feelings come up. The next day, with her clinical expertise and big heart always at work for our families, Cammiejean hand delivered Rose her Good Grief Tool Box. She quietly left it on the porch and headed home.

Rose needed her tool box to help her sort out what to do with these really big feelings, so Cammiejean made sure she had that box at home. Rose was so excited and happy to have her tools with her! Mom says she’s feeling better already and little Rose said she “will keep it forever.” We are so glad to hear that these tools are helping Rose and look forward to the time when we can come together as a group again.

COVID-19 UpdateWe continue to monitor CDC and local authority guidelines. Beginning September 14th, masks will be required for all in-person groups. If you are experiencing any Covid symptoms or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid, please stay home.